You’ve recently been in an accident or suffered from an injury and now you’re wondering whether you have any legal recourse and you might be wondering if you should contact a Queens personal injury lawyer. Ask yourself the following; were you injured as a result of wrongdoing on the part of an individual, agency or corporation? Have their negligent behavior or action caused you physical, emotional, psychological or economic harm? Is the insurance company giving you a hard time with compensation and payouts?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions you might have a case and a need for a personal injury lawyer.

Personal injury cases fall within the umbrella of tort law or civil law and the purpose of these cases is to seek damages and compensation (most often monetary) for an individual’s suffering or death. The largest amount of lawsuits and cases filed in the United States are personal injury suits. These types of lawsuits are typically settled out of court, however, there are instances when a case is tried in court with a judge.

How to know if I should contact an NYC personal injury lawyer?

When and why should you contact a personal injury lawyer? It’s generally a good idea to speak to a personal injury lawyer after you’ve met with an accident but it’s especially important if one or more of the following are applicable to you:

  • If your accident caused you to suffer from serious, permanent or disabling injuries which has resulted in decreasing your quality of life;
  • If your accident lead to long term injuries resulting in you being unable to work, loss of employment and wages and / or requiring long term medical care;
  • If you have incurred extensive medical bills as a result of your accident;
  • Find navigating through the legalities with insurance companies complicated and confusing;
  • Several people are involved in the accident and there is uncertainty surrounding responsibility and liability;
  • Problems with the insurance company refusing to pay out, refusing fair compensation or delaying payment;

Even if none of the above applies to you but you feel that you might benefit from hiring personal injury lawyer you should set up a free consultation and the attorney can tell you whether you have a strong basis for a case or not.

Going up against big corporations and companies can be a near impossible task for most people because insurance companies are almost always protected by an army of lawyers and they will use every legal loophole available to either reduce claims or deny any wrongdoing all together. Rather than deal with all the headaches or back and forth, it’s a good idea to simply hire an lawyer.

Personal injury cases require thorough legal knowledge and expert skills in dealing with companies and corporations and a personal injury lawyer has that experience and skillset. Whereas the main goal of an insurance company or the offending party’s lawyer is simply try to close the case as fast as possible, your lawyer’s job is to look out for you and consider your interests. Thus they will be able to figure out a fair compensation owed to you based on what you’re going through, physically and emotionally because an insurance company won’t.

Keep in mind you have absolutely nothing to lose since most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis and will only take a fee if and when you have won your case.

Your risk is minimal and the reward can be high.


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