Laconica Tools

This is the home page of the Laconica Tools WordPress plugin.  Laconica Tools helps to integrate your WordPress powered blog with an account on a Laconica server, like is a free software, open micro blogging platform, similar to Twitter.  It actually offers integration features with Twitter but is built on a federation model so any number of server instances can openly communicate with each other to distribute updates through remote subscriptions.

The initial versions of the plugin are focused on allowing you to send updates to Laconica when publishing new WordPress blog posts.  Eventually I’ll be exploring adding a widget to pull and display the most recent updates from Laconica, similar to the widget that is included in Twitter Tools (hence the similar names).


I started Laconica Tools as a hack to Blue Fur’s WordIdentica plugin.  It had problems with WordPress’ quote handling and I wanted to enhance it to use instead of TinyURL.

Since then, I decided to completely fork the code, rename it, and continue to maintain and enhance it.  That initial fork supported being able to turn on and off the sends to Laconica.  It also allows you to configure your own Laconica server, instead of (though I recommend the latter whole heartedly).  The original plugin didn’t support either.  Subsequent releases have added logging, more control, and stability fixes.

Release Notes

1.1.2 (11/17/2008) – Received bug reports of the plugin simply failing to post, without error.  On investigation, it seems like the canonical server,, changed its login form.  The old code was return an error message about some invalid aspect of the session.  Reviewing the source for the login form, there is now what appears to be a random UUID as a token field.  Rather than deal with correct handling of this token, the plugin now uses the Twitter API which should be resistant to further changes.  There are also some code cleanup and other minor fixes, mostly to prepare for the next feature release which will add post level controls.

1.1.1 (10/24/2008) – Now validates that the post template has both of the replacement parameters present.  Also added a confirmation message on successful update.  Made some house keeping changes to help future enhancements and maintenance.

1.1.0 – Added the ability to change the message template, with replacement parameters for the post title and the post’s permalink URL.

1.0.3 – A collection of small fixes, including some enhancements to named entity handling and to the syslog call on line 80 of 1.0.0.

Future Releases

I need to spend some time on 1.1.0 adding input validation to help ensure the new post template is reasonable and valid.

The next feature I am considering after that is adding the optional ability to pull messages from a server back into WordPress. That’s rather more ambitious but seems like a natural next step.

I am currently open to additional feature requests.


Laconica Tools was written and tested for WordPress version 2.6.  It may work with older or newer versions, it just hasn’t been tested with anything other than 2.6.

It also requires PHP 5.0 or later.  If you see an error about domdocument or any of the curl calls, it is probably because you are running PHP 4.0.


Download the 1.1.2 version of the plugin.